What is on YOUR head?

We all know that there are some FREAK helmets in Indonesia. Most of the crazy helmets come from the MINORFIGHTERS like this one:

How about some of these helmets?

Bandit helmets are from Germany. They look a little bit like the Simpson helmets, however, these Bandit helmets are a bit cheaper. You can get them from their website here

Simpson helmets

Or the ROOF helmets, keren juga!

Roof boxer

Tapi, kalau mau helmet merk ini, itu dikit susah. Semuanya harus import. Jangan lupa harganya.. Semua helmet merk ini di atas 1juta lebih..  Duit cukup, coba Ebay.. Ada banyak, buat streetfighter atau touring/ racing etc..

Jangan lupa, kalau beli 2nd  hand helmet. We do not know what happen. Mungkin sudah jatuh di pakai helm itu. Rekommendasi dari factory: Sudah jatuh keras, ganti!.. At your own risk when you buy a second hand helmet!

Oh, I almost forget, you can get KBC helmets here, that have very cool designs as well. They are distributed in Jakarta, but I do not have any adress.. KBC helmets are known for their graphics. Have a look at these designs.. Nga usah pake rambut dll… hehe.. wiz keren..

I have this Rossi helmet dengan Pisau kecil..

Drive safe!


~ by theo224 on April 12, 2010.

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