Bali Tiger Club

In Indonesia one of the best selling bikes are the Honda Tigers. It is a 200cc bike, looks like a big bike, and reasonably priced. They sell for around 24jt atm.

I have one, I have the ‘newer’ version, which has an assymetric headlight. Mine however, doesn’t have that light anymore, it’s wrecked. I drove into a wall, kena tembok, when I tried to avoid a girl that suddenly crossed the street.

Bali Tiger Club

Anyway, this is not about my bike, this is about one of the many Tiger Clubs that are out there, and all the clubs can be found here at the Honda Tiger Forum.

The club here in Bali, is of course the Bali Tiger Club. The get more info, or to join for a ride, I got the latest info and dates from own of the organizers himself.

Jadual kami kopdar/nongkrong(show force) di depan Astra Motor Jl Teuku Umar setiap hari sabtu pk 21.00 dan Setiap hari Minggu malam pertama di depan Ramayana Mall Jl Diponegoro.
Jika tujuan kita positif, kami setuju-setuju saja…. Kami senang memiliki banyak saudara….

So if you are interested, please JOIN!

#Want to be featured here? Send me an email or drop a comment and I’ll have your club on this site.#


~ by theo224 on April 4, 2010.

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