Jok mantap!? Tapi… nga sakit?

Ok, kita sudah tahu modifikasi joknya gampang. Tapi, pernah lihat dudukan unik? Saya cari terussss kemarin.. Yaaa, masih ada orang original..

Inilah, tutorial untuk bikin jok keren.. Lihat, dan coba aja!

Oh, to make a seat like this, you need special resin, not regular resin. I don’t know yet, where to get this in Bali.. If you know, please let us know by commenting to this post.

Thanks to customfighters and Outlaw66660 for making this tutorial:


here it is..
use list..
1,5mm alloy plate
60 drilling nails
1x 1kg can crystal clear epoxyresin
1 plastik basin

i take a 1,5 mm alloy plate and bring it in the form
that it fits at the end on the seat..
than i signed up all points for the 60 nails i want to use..
drilled at the points 3mm holes …
next i hammerd the drilling nails in..

next step..
take the plastikbasin (it schould be not mutch bigger than the plate)
that the resin not glue at the plastik i use chainspray and spay out the basin…
then i take the nail plate in the basin..
and fill it up with the rasin so its 5mm over the nails…
now its time to wait (and to do some other things) nearly 24 hours..
if the rasin is harded out ,take it out the basin..
to form it i use a flex (dont know the english word of it.. Potong potong..

Bikin halus dengan ini..

and at the end i polished it the same way i polished alloy
to high gloss..
but be very carefull that you dont get waves in it and
it would not be hot….
and at the end it looks so..

Keren atau biasa??

Ayo, sampai jumpa di jalan!


~ by theo224 on March 31, 2010.

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