Protuner/ HMTC Group ( Hartomo Mechanical Training Centre )

Today my bike had some problems. It has been having quite a lot of problems actually, but anyway. My carb is terlalu susah in the morning.. Pssss mati..

Once it’s going, it is allright. Anyway, decided to pay a visit to PROTUNER, on Imam Bonjol.  Part of HMTC if I am correct. These guys fixed my prob in a flash, pj was too big and my gasket of the knalpot is bocor.. Gaskets were not in stock, so I have to come back, but it is running better at least.. Total damage for cleaning and rejetting the thing, 40rb..

Harganya ini mahal?> Mungkin ya, mungkin nga..

I have visited many bengkels, and all have there good and bad mechanics. But I can recommend this one strongly. The service is nice, and judging from the bikes that are waiting to be serviced, ninja250’s, aprilia 125’s, 250’s etc it comes across better than your average bengkel.

Next up for my bike will be a piston change, and probably bore it up until 250cc.. pics to come!

If you have FaceBook, have a look here

Cari Lampu depan dengan masker keren?? Lihat ini!


~ by theo224 on March 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “Protuner/ HMTC Group ( Hartomo Mechanical Training Centre )”

  1. Thanks Theo… i’m owner of HMTC Pro Tuner. its right that part of HMTC. we are so happy if our serviced make you satisfied.. about price 40rb w think its not to expensive because include Pilot Jet ( 25rb ). thanks so much Brother…. he..he…. Proost…

  2. Hi Ketut,

    Dari mana dapat bahasa Belanda?

    I will keep spreading the word for HMTC whenever I can!

    See you on the road!

    • Hi Theo saya punya banyak teman from Belanda, nanti July ada satu teman dari Blanda datang lagi. namanya Chris. oke…. Hartelijk dank sudah bantu iklan buat HMTC.. kalo ada problem motor dan ingin berdiskusi bisa ditulis dulu di HMTC Group in Facebook… h..he….. see you…


      Ketut Pro Tuner

  3. Very good to read this. I have a new problem with my bike (250r Megelli: miss firing, maybe S-plug or may need re-jetting) but I got some other things I want to do to it as well…this confirms I’m going to take it to this place tomorrow morning!

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