Modifying maniak, residing in Bali, Indonesia. I am a modifying monster!

Bahasa Indonesia masih kurang, so blog ini campur aja sama Inggris dan Bahasa..

Modifying is fun, especially when you do it yourself! I have started to modify my own bike, a Tiger Revo 2008, the one with the weird headlight. I crashed my bike, and after that, it was only natural to start making things better than before.

I have read numerous of MotorPlus, OtoPlus, R2 and MotoBike magazines to know what is out there. What I want to bring with this blog, is that extra bit that most people cannot find like:

What is a Martek Frame?

What is Showyomoto? Where can I find a cool headmask? How do I work with fiber, gimana yah?? How to make custom tails for your bike, belly pans, side shrouds etc..

!!Now, saya tidak suka modifikasi bebek,  disini tidak bisa dapat info untuk modif bebek.. Mulai 200CC sampai … ya, terserah.. !!



~ by theo224 on March 17, 2010.

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